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TipTheWeb is a service that lets you directly support your favorite web content by tipping it.

We’re a non-profit organization promoting freely-accessible, high-quality web content by awarding publishers that receive Tips.

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What’s a Tip?

  • A Tip is an amount (5¢ — $100) associated with a link
  • Start tipping right away, fund Tips on your schedule
  • Tip what you like: articles, photos, videos, and more:
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More About Tipping

We’re a Non-Profit Organization

100% of claimed Tips to Publishers as awards

We don’t charge fees to web publishers. We are, ourselves, supported by Tips from our users! More about TipTheWeb…

Get Tipped Where You Publish

Using our simple verification processes, just claim the places you publish online— including your own website, and where you post on popular publishing platforms:

  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • SlideShare
  • GitHub

You can also put our new Tip Buttons on your site to encourage people to support your content.

More For Publishers

How It Works

Browsing & Tipping

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Donating & Funding

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Tip The Web Foundation

Awarding Publishers

  1. Users Browse the Web & Create Tips

    TipTheWeb users create Tips to stuff they find as they browse the web. Creating a Tip is like saving a bookmark to something you like, except you also choose an amount of money you think the publisher deserves for making something great.

  2. Users Donate to Fund Tips

    When users make a donation to TipTheWeb (we’re a non-profit), they can use the amount of that donation to fund Tips in their account. (Until a Tip is funded, only the tipper can see it.)

  3. Users Share Tips with Others

    Once a Tip is funded, TipTheWeb can use that money to support the appropriate publisher, and the user can share that Tip with other people, both within TipTheWeb as well as on Twitter or Facebook.

  4. Publishers Claim where they Publish

    Publishers use their free TipTheWeb account to claim the places where they publish online, and TipTheWeb uses this information to figure out who’s responsible for the content that users tip.

  5. TipTheWeb Awards Publishers

    TipTheWeb makes monthly awards to Web publishers. The award amounts are based on the total funded Tips made to content by the publishers. TipTheWeb doesn’t charge any fees when publishers receive awards!

  6. Publishers Make More Good Stuff!

    By financially supporting the publishers that are creating the best stuff, we help and encourage them to continue their contributions to the Web, and everyone benefits!

Beta Checklist

  • Dropped invite-only wall
  • Public Tip Stream pages and feeds
  • Tip Anywhere bookmarklet, with funding & sharing
  • Tip Buttons - they’re here!
  • Support for multi-author websites
  • Exploring a site’s tipped content
  • Filtering & searching for Tips
  • More Tip-sharing features
  • International award redemption options