Adding Tip Anywhere Bookmarklet: Apple Safari

The Tip Anywhere Bookmarklet is a bookmark that you can save in your browser that lets you quickly tip whatever page you’re on without leaving it.

Tip It!

Drag Bookmarklet to Your Bookmarks Bar

To set up your Tip Anywhere Bookmarklet, drag it to your Bookmarks Bar, which usually appears right under the address bar in Safari.

After you drag it to the Bookmarks Bar, Safari will ask you to name it- we suggest naming it “Tip It!”, but you can choose any name you like.

Screenshot showing a small protion Safari’s browser chrome which includes the address and bookmarks bars

Showing Your Bookmarks Bar If Hidden

If your Bookmarks Bar is hidden, you can show it again by selecting Show Bookmarks Bar from the View menu.

Screenshot showing Safari’s View menu with the Show Bookmarks Bar option selected

Using the Tip Anywhere Bookmarklet

  • Screenshot showing the Tip Widget overlay which is showing the amount chooser After clicking the bookmarklet you see some information about the link, and choose an amount to tip.

  • Screenshot showing the Tip Widget after choosing an amount to tip, and showing the funding options Then you can decide whether to fund your new tip now from your tipping balance, or fund later.

  • Screenshot showing the success view of the Tip Widget after having decided to fund a Tip now or later Finally you briefly see a green confirmation ‘check-mark’, after which the Widget closes.