FAQs on Integrating Your Site with TipTheWeb

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Tip Buttons

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Tip Buttons

What if I don’t want to put your JavaScript code on my page?

If you don’t want to add our JavaScript code to your page, you dont’t have to; Tip Buttons work fine as normal HTML links and users will see our “Tip with TipTheWeb” page.

Which browsers does the Tip Buttons support?

We’ve made sure to support the most popular modern browsers, along with IE7 and IE8. Specifically we’ve tested with Safari 5, Firefox 3.5–4.0, Chrome, IE 7–9, and MobileSafari 4+.

I don’t want to read all the integration docs— can I just copy-and-paste something into my site?

Yup- see our Button Builder tool that can generate everything you need to add nice-looking Tip Buttons to your site.

Is there a difference between what happens when a user clicks a Tip Button compared to when they use the Tip Anywhere bookmarklet?

The experience is mostly the same, except that when a someone uses the Tip Anywhere bookmarklet, the Tip always links to whatever page they’re looking at, whereas when someone clicks on a Tip Button, it can optionally link to some other page, for instance to the permalink of a blog entry. We always show the user the link which they’re tipping in the Tip Widget.

What if a visitor to my site doesn’t have a TipTheWeb account and clicks on a Tip Button? If they sign up, do I still get tipped?

When someone who doesn’t have a TipTheWeb account (or who does but isn’t signed-in) clicks on a Tip Button, they choose an amount like normal, and then we ask them to sign-in or sign-up. Either way, we preserve the Tip so that after they sign-in or create a new account they will either get a chance to complete the Tip they started, or we’ll save a new unfunded Tip in their account.

I don’t like the way your buttons look— can I style them the way I want to?

You can style the Tip Buttons any way you like- they’re just link elements. In order for them to be discovered by the Tip Button JavaScript code, they must have a CSS class that includes ttw-button. You can include other class names to customize the style with your own CSS, but you need to make sure they’re separated with a space: class="ttw-button my-style". One drawback is that visitors to your site might be more familiar with the standard Tip Button styles, but if you create a style that works well for your site and your visitors, that’s great, and we’d love to see what you come up with— so send us a link to feedback@tiptheweb.org.

Why do you suggest putting your JavaScript snippet at the end of the document?

By putting JavaScript tags at the end the document, right before the closing tag of the body element: </body>, the browser can display more of your site without waiting for external JavaScript files to load. JavaScript code placed in the head of the document will often delay page rendering while it is fetched and processed.

If you already have other JavaScript in the Head of your document and you’d rather put the Tip Button JavaScript snippet there, that’s completely fine— it works either way. And regardless of where you put it, the Tip Button JavaScript is designed to load quickly and to not interfere with any other code on your site.

Is there a way to suggest a Tip amount in the Button API?

Not at this time. We may add some form of an amount suggestion feature in a future API release, but we think it’s better to start with having tippers decide what amount is appropriate.

Yes, Tip Buttons can link to any publicly-available free content, and aren’t currently restricted to same-site links. However, you should avoid misleading presentations of Tip Buttons, and make sure your visitors understand that they may be tipping something on another site.

Will putting Tip Buttons on my site make my site slow?

The Tip Button JavaScript code is small and designed to load quickly and not interfere with either the rendering of your site or any other JavaScript code on the page. In most modern browsers, the Tip Button JavaScript shouldn’t delay rendering at all.

At most, only one additional HTTP request is added to the page when you add the Tip Button JavaScript code. All the images, style, and behavior for the buttons are bundled into the JavaScript file; this file is also setup so it can be cached by web browsers.

Multi-Author Websites

Does TipTheWeb support websites with multiple contributors, like a multi-author blog?

Yes! By adding an author link element to your pages, contributors to your site will be able to claim their pages on TipTheWeb, and we’ll be able to assign Tips to the appropriate account. Read our Multi-Author documentation for all the details.

How do authors on my site claim their pages?

Read “Instructions For Authors On Multi-Author Websites”

If I run a multi-author website, do I still see Tips people make to contributed content?

No. Once a page contains author links, Tips to that content will be delegated to the account of the author that claims those pages. You will still see any Tips for content that doesn’t contain author link elements, or which contains author links that you’ve personally claimed.

Do I need to put author link elements on my own pages too?

No, you don’t need to. While you certainly can put an author link on the content that you create for a multi-author site that you operate (and then claim that link), any Tip to a page without an author link on it will be assigned to your site’s domain, which you can claim.

What happens to Tips that aren’t claimed by authors on my site?

After a period of time, currently 30 days, a Tip to an unclaimed author page on a multi-author website will be re-assigned to the account that claims the website’s domain.

Yes. If your links are already using URLs that are claimable through TipTheWeb, then you don’t have to do any additional work. If you can’t use your existing links, then using rel="publisher" links will override rel="author" links, and using rel="ttw.publisher" links will override both other types.

How can I disable Multi-Author support for my site?

If you include a rel="ttw.publisher" link with an href="/", this will disable all multi-author tip delegation for that page:

<link rel="ttw.publisher" href="/" />