Integration is Not Required!

TipTheWeb lets people tip the stuff you publish on the web without requiring any technical integration between your site and TipTheWeb. TipTheWeb is built to work the way the Web works, and identifies tippable content using only publicly-accessible URLs. This means that tippers don’t have to worry about whether the publisher of content they like has already integrated with TipTheWeb.

The only thing you have to do as a publisher to benefit from TipTheWeb is to create a free account and claim the places you publish- and you might even find Tips to your content already waiting for you!

Of course, not all of the people visiting your site will already be TipTheWeb users, and you may also want to make it more convenient for people to create Tips that identify specific content on your site. Putting TipTheWeb buttons on your website is the best way to prompt people to support you with TipTheWeb, and will enable them to do so without leaving your site!