How We Built TipTheWeb.org

TipTheWeb.org is built using a variety of technologies and tools. The software libraries we use are predominantly open-source, and we benefit from many free standards and protocols. We would like to thank the people behind these projects which make TipTheWeb possible.

In The Browser

Our User Interface is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We make heavy use of the YUI 3 JavaScript library, and we use Yahoo’s YQL service to efficiently communicate with other web services.

We also use YUI 3 Gallery modules: Component Manager, Markout, Overlay Extras, REST Resource, Idle Timer, Outside Events.

Icons throughout the User Interface are from the Pictos collection.

On The Server

Our server software is written in Java.

We run our software in an Eclipse Equinox OSGi environment combined with the Spring Framework and Spring DM, and we’ve built our server-side web layer on top of the Restlet library, with which we use the Simple web server.

We use MongoDB to store our data, via their Java Driver. We deploy TipTheWeb on Amazon’s EC2 service, and make use of several other AWS APIs.

We also use Jackson, Woodstox, Markout, JSONout, various Apache, libraries including HttpComponents, Xerces, Commons IO and Codec, SLF4J, Logismo, cron4j, Beanshell, Joda Time, and Freemarker.


We use the OpenID and OAuth standards in our sign-in process, as well as other parts of our application, implemented with the OpenID4Java and Signpost libraries.